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Laracon EU 2015 – Day 2

August 28, 2015

I was far more refreshed on day two after resisting the urge to go out with the people I’d met the night before. I half regretted it as it turned out some prominent members of the community were out, but ne’mind. I slept.

After being somewhat shocked when my Airbnb host turned up unexpectedly as I sat eating my breakfast in my underpants, I headed to the conference.

There were three standouts for me on this day.

★ Jessica Rose – Impostor syndrome and individual competence (joind.in)

I’d be very surprised if not everyone in the room didn’t suffer from this to a certain extent. There was some good advice on dealing with it, how to behave when others are suffering from it, and an overall sense on “Actually, I’m OK”.

★ Lorna Jane Mitchell – Advanced Git for developers (joind.in)

Plenty of examples and takeaways. I’ve seen elements of this talk before but there’s always more to learn with git. Lorna presents it really well with live examples. git rebase -i FTW!

★ Konstantin Kudryashov – Min-maxing software costs (joind.in)

This is the second time I’ve seen Konstantin speak (the first being at PHP North West 2014), and like the first time, he didn’t fail to deliver. This guy knows his stuff and explains it well. This talk was code related but actually showed very little code. In fact, the takeaway was “Code as little as you can”. That’s somewhat simplified, but the premise is that through experience and gained knowledge you weigh up when to write something from scratch and when to use existing code from another developer. The concepts of Cost of Introduction, Costs of Change, and Cost of Ownership helped me define my thoughts and I’ll certainly consider these things going forward on new projects far more.

Unfortunately I had a plane to catch so had to leave early during the last talk, which I was really annoyed about, since it was Jeffrey Way! Jeffrey has taught me so much through Laracasts. Oh well, I’ll watch the video.

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