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Laracon EU 2015 – Day 1

August 28, 2015

My first Laracon and my first conference for quite some time; day one has provided me with much to think about.

All the talks have been of a very high standard but the two, well, three, that stand out most are:

★ Matt Stauffer – Empathy Gives You Superpowers (joind.in).

This was the keynote talk and set the scene. Empathy makes you a better person, a better coder, a better… everything in all aspects of your life. Having empathy takes times to learn and develop and should be practiced. Specifically with coding, it will empower you to better understand your users and therefore build better user experiences.

★ Adam Wathan – Chasing Perfect (joind.in).

Some live refactoring action that explained a design pattern I hadn’t heard before: The Null Object pattern. Well explained and entertainingly presented. I’ll defenitely be using this in the future.

★ Taylor Otwell – The Tao of Laravel (joind.in)

And finally, the talk by the man himself. Taylor opened with the philosophies behind what he is doing – to take away all the pain points of app development, and then introduced Laravel Spark. This is more boilerplate code that gets you to where you want to be quicker, so you can start building your actual application and not have to repeatedly code, login, authentication, user groups, subscriptions, billing… another game changer.

I’m ready for day 2.

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